This is Art - IV

Don n@ked has published an amazing photo on flickr, that I wanted to share with you! It´s called "Wooden matches concept design".

As you can see in the attached (bigger) version of his photo he created matchesbooks with paper. In my opinion it´s an fantastic idea, and really looks great.

iChocolates - the best app for your appetite

Can´t get enought form Apple Products? So why don´t you satiate your hunger with those 20-piece gourmet chocolatesassortment resembling iPhone and iPad application icons. The chocolates are boxed in a very handsome and luxurious looking iPhone package.
The chocolates are hand-made with extra-dark and 100% cocoa butter. 

This is Art! III

Another great photo I found on the Web is called "Swiss-Style Grunge" and was edited by / Doug Aghassi.

I really like the combination of the different colors, and since they really fit to the current design of the Lifestyle-Blog I really wanted to share this picture with you.

Bulletproof Wristwatch

Have you ever had concernings about what could happen to your beloved watch if suddenly someone decided to shoot at it? No? Well the developers of Devon Works seemed to have those or similar fears because they have created an wristwatch that is totally bulletproof.  

Music Video - Inspiring, Creative; thats Art!

Stay tuned to what kind of video I found for you on YouTube:
If I had to describe this video in 3 words I would chosse those:
  1. "Creative"
  2. "Inspiring"
  3. simply just "Art"
Even though you don´t even like Hip-Hop or Jay-Z you should have a look at the video, it´s amazing.

Headphones for the rest of your life?

Have you ever bought Headphones? I´m sure you have! But how much did you pay for those? Maybe $10 - $100? Well, then I found some product for you, that will exceed that prices easily!

Sleek Audio offers their new product from $350 to $400, its called SA7, which is made of military-aluminum and carbon fiber. It has shock absorbing silicone added to protect the amplifier.

New Era celebrates its 90st Anniversary

Meanwhile New Era Caps are represented in mostly every hip-hop video that is being published at the moment. They are fundamental accessories in the sub-culture, streets or even in the clubs.


The German immigrant Erhard Koch founded in 1920 a classic cap, made of 100% cotton. Due to the fact that Koch was a baseball fan he began to produce baseball caps. This idea was the breakthrough of the label New Era.

Apple I-Pad (Review & Product Test)

As I was one of the lucky ones that could catch a new I-Pad I wrote a review about this praised product. Whether the I-Pad could reach those high expectations or not can be found in this test:

Price: I decided to buy the 16GB I-Pad for $499. You could also choose 32GB and 64GB.

Big black U.F.O

Would you have guessed that this black object that looks somehow similar like a stealth-fighter (with a power cable) is just an analog clock?

The clock is called "Reflectius" and was invented by Art Lebedev. The special of this clock is that it is able to tell you what time it is with a single laser beam!

Just click SEE MORE to see the front of the clock.

This is Art! II

Once again I discovered a picture on a photostream that absolutely fascinated me and I really wanted to share with you.

The photo is called "+=<<0<15+" and was shot by the photographer Andy Houghton. Muiz Anwar edited the photo to the final result, as you can see on the picture.

I´d like to thank Muiz for beeing so kind to allow me to present his work in this artikel. And I also would like to thank Andy Houghton for sharing his picture "Leaders of Men" in an creative commons licence.


Laptop ²

 Well, everyone of us knows how a laptop looks. It has a screen and most likely a keyboard. But how are laptops going to look like in the future? I´m very interested in the upcoming development of laptops, so have a look at the next generation laptop design of Hao Hua called "D-roll" (digital roll).

Very magnificent is that the "D-roll" could be rolled up to be a side bag. There would be no more stress in carrying a laptop from one place to another, instead you just "roll it up". How amazing would this be?


This is Art!

Every now and then I discover in the internet some really amazing fotos and fotostreams of photographers from all over the world. This day I discovered a very impressing photo, that I´d like to present you. It´s the collaborative work of the photographer Qamar* and Muiz Anwar, who has edited the photo to the final result you can see.

I´d really like to thank espacially Qamar and Muiz for beeing so kind to allow me to present their work in this artikel.


Approximately 2 years ago I discovered this music-community called "". It is a website you can listen to all the different kind of music, for free!

But the gadget I liked most (and considered to be the most worthful) on this page is that you can add favorit musicians, bands and songs. The software on this page evaluates your music interests and suggests you similar artists or musicians.

You can also listen to a radio that plays recommended songs, just for YOU! is always worth a visit for me, because thanks to this page I found a lot of new musicians that have music adapted to my interests!


This clock saves YOUR time!

Do you sometimes feel burned out? Do you often don´t have enough time to do the things you would love to do? Well if I could offer you now a product that saves your time I would be A) a very rich man in just a view days and B) I needed to be a magician to produce such an item.

But I found a clock on the internet and the idea is to enable you to save time!

Fist Cup

Another funny object I discovered on the internet is this Coffee-Cup. It looks like an ordinary cup, but it has a special "feature": a brass knuckle. I´m just wondering how your colleagues would react if you drink your coffee from this nice knuckle-cup on a business-meeting (I`m just kidding, you should use this cup only in your sparetime, if your carrer is important to you!)

But I like the idea of this cup, it´s somehow extraordinary.

It is available here:

From a secret dimension - a new Gadget

Hey just as a little test: can you guess what this thing shall be?

Well if you are guessing it´s a futuristic metall-detector or something else like that, you´re absolutely wrong. It is a fan I stumbled upon while I was surfing on the internet. I was really amazed, because the producer Dyson claims that this fan does not even has blades so there is no typical buffeting!

 The desing is absolutely futuristic in my opinion, and definetly looks very elegant as if it comes from a far far away dimension, compared to those old Ventilators I rembemer using the last years.  READ MORE...

Vizio LCD TV - Review


After having earned about $2000 in tree month of work I wanted to replace my old TV (which was an old Tube-TV!), with an newer one, if possible with every gadged you can get (HD,...). I finally decided me for an Vizio, because the design fits the most in my elegant room and the shape of the picture was really awesome!

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