Vizio LCD TV - Review


After having earned about $2000 in tree month of work I wanted to replace my old TV (which was an old Tube-TV!), with an newer one, if possible with every gadged you can get (HD,...). I finally decided me for an Vizio, because the design fits the most in my elegant room and the shape of the picture was really awesome!

This is my 1 month review: 

Special Features

  1. 1080p High Definition
  2. TruSurround HD-System
  3. 4 HDMI ports, S-Video, RBG, Internet Tuner
  4. 120Hz Refresh Rate
  5. 50,000 Dynamic Contrast

      The picture is (thus to the 1080p HD-Screen) absolutely excellent, compared with my old TV! I´m really amazed how big the differences in technology can be (within some 5-6 years). The Screen provides an real life look and feel of the TV-Shows.


      The LCD-TV has an added TruSurround HD-System so that you can feel the surround-sound experience even without having an souround sound system in your room. So the sound-quality is absolutely fine, but I´m using my surround sound sytem, since it is more powerfull (of course...)


      Summing up I´d like to say, that I´m really impressed by this LCD television, due to the fact that it is my first HD-LCD-TV. After a year or so I will publish a second review about this TV!

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