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 Well, everyone of us knows how a laptop looks. It has a screen and most likely a keyboard. But how are laptops going to look like in the future? I´m very interested in the upcoming development of laptops, so have a look at the next generation laptop design of Hao Hua called "D-roll" (digital roll).

Very magnificent is that the "D-roll" could be rolled up to be a side bag. There would be no more stress in carrying a laptop from one place to another, instead you just "roll it up". How amazing would this be?


As you can see on the picture the "D-roll" has every tool a notebook also has, for example an OLED screen (which is rollable) and a keyboard that you can slide out.

You can find Hao Hua´s creation on this site:

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gaming laptops April 11, 2010 at 6:20 AM  

Wow very amazing design. I think this laptop is very expensive, but no problem if good performance inside.

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