From a secret dimension - a new Gadget

Hey just as a little test: can you guess what this thing shall be?

Well if you are guessing it´s a futuristic metall-detector or something else like that, you´re absolutely wrong. It is a fan I stumbled upon while I was surfing on the internet. I was really amazed, because the producer Dyson claims that this fan does not even has blades so there is no typical buffeting!

 The desing is absolutely futuristic in my opinion, and definetly looks very elegant as if it comes from a far far away dimension, compared to those old Ventilators I rembemer using the last years.  READ MORE...

Dyson says that the fan will provide you with the following advantages:

  1. Continuous airflow
  2. Constant cooling
    The Dyson Air Multiplier costs about $ 300, which is (compared with other fan´s) extremley expencive, but everyone that loves elegant/futuristic design and is willing to pay a higher amount of money for more comfort and extras should go and get informed about this new product! Have fun!

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